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TAG Heuer replica watches
TAG Heuer replica watches

Angelababy recently the activities of the trip after another, and different styles of her different occasions also wear a

different watch. There are sports type also has elegant type, there is exactly the same with the positive teaching

materials, there have been some mistakes. Look at the demonstration of Angelababy, which do you think and the shape of the

most wild, which only need to pay attention to the occasion to wear it?
Angelababy wear Tiger TAG Heuer series of watch, in the Prague natural and relaxed travel atmosphere, Baby wearing a

sweatshirt, leather skirt, wearing the hands of Tiger TAG Heuer submarine series of dark blue watch, just with the

personality and fashionable Of black and white modeling match. A little bit of dynamic elements, mixed in the casual girl

dress, full of vitality, travel to wear such a table, there is no sense of burden.

Angelababy on the “running men” variety, the amount of activity to wear sportswear the most appropriate, Angelababy wearing

Tiger TAG Heuer series of watch. “Running men” program, Baby need to participate in the activities of great movement, she

still choose is This is only competing series. Blue fabric and rubber made of light straps, not only the superior

performance of sports watch to play, the details of the diamond time also does not lose the exquisite charm of women. This

is just the case.

Angelababy wearing Tiger TAG Heuer series of watches, although the first two occasions Baby watch selection is good, but a

Zuhai Mu La high set of dress with this sport-type timepieces combination, seemingly slightly reluctantly. Two types of

style, two kinds of style, did not wipe sparks. Dress soft and Xianqi, more suitable for wearing jewelry, diamond inlaid

watch or accessories.

Attendance activities to wear elegant romantic pink dress, with details of the gorgeous watch just, Angelababy wear Tiger

TAG Heuer series of dial series diamond watch

In public activities, dressed in naked pink dress of the baby was corrected with a mistake on the match. Decorated with

diamond ornaments dream romance, wrist to add a diamond-studded silver watch is successfully done icing on the cake, with

skirts, a grand occasion to echo the perfect occasion. Compared to the bracelet for accessories, the details of the gorgeous

watch to make more dignified shape, there are bold.

Baby’s red shirt and black A-shaped skirt shape, look bright and lively, Angelababy wearing Tiger TAG Heuer series of

diamond-studded series. In another event, the red shirt + black skirt beautiful look, so that the overall feeling of Baby

Lively age. This time a modest increase in a sense of pure and elegant taste very thought. Polished stainless steel and

white ceramic strap design, will be given to the dynamic and elegant. 60 diamond-studded case is also exquisite eye-

catching, and just with the Baby neck necklace on the diamond shine.

Each occasion has a corresponding Dress Code, watch also in different occasions, “condemnation”. Which watch do you think

most “wild” potential? May wish to share with you?