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Famous Watches and Their Nicknames

Replica Watches nicknames may have started as affectionate calling cards given by watch enthusiasts. However, over the years, these monikers have helped to solidify certain watches places in horological history. What started as a playful practice has become a tradition in the watch community.

The Siffert

Heuer’s Autavia arguably launched the brand’s longstanding history with the sport of racing. The design was the first stopwatch in a car dashboard in 1933. Then, three decades later, they relaunched the collection under the leadership of Jack Heuer. Soon after the reissue of the Autavia, Luxury Replica Watches Heuer appointed their first brand ambassador, renowned Formula 1 driver Joseph Siffert. His preferred model was the Reference 1163T, a variation with a unique white dial.

The Batman

When you think of the nickname Batman, the first Fake Watches that comes to mind may be the Rolex GMT Master II with a two-tone blue and black bezel. However, there’s another model that’s also bears the iconic superhero’s name.

The James Bond

Before Omega, Rolex was the official watch of the world’s favorite fictional secret agent, James Bond. One of his signature models was a 1959 Reference 6538 big crown Submariner with a MK1 bezel insert. Though it may seem like a stretch, the James Bond nickname has spanned beyond the original Top Replica Swiss Watches reference to the brand’s daughter company, Tudor. The Tudor Reference 7924 is widely considered the sister reference to the Rolex 6538. For years, it was dubbed the “Poor Man’s James Bond,” but with Tudor’s reputation changing, presence growing, and prices shifting, the model is now simply – the James Bond.