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The Master Control was first conceived in 1992 as Jaeger-LeCoultre’s best offering in terms of accuracy and reliability, with every watch undergoing a 1,000-hour, in-house quality control test. While the rigorous testing was fairly novel at the time, it has since become the norm for all Jaeger-LeCoultre High Quality Replica Watch.

Most of the models sport a muted silver dial, but for the 30th anniversary of the collection, JLC has introduced the Master Control Date and Master Control Calendar with tri-tone blue dials.

My first impression of the Replica Watches China is positive. Blue is a contemporary colour that nudges the aesthetic towards a more casual style, as opposed to the retro-formal look of the standard, silver-dial models.

The thoughtful design is evident through the details, especially with the tri-tone finish of the dial. While blue can be found practically everywhere in watchmaking, tri-tone blue is unusual and attractive. And the calendar windows reveal discs that are in blue to match the dial.

Both 1:1 replica watch are otherwise identical to the regular versions, which are excellent to begin with. The pair is equipped with the brand’s latest-generation movements that have 70 hours of power reserve along with simple but attractive decoration visible through the back.

The know-how lies behind the brand’s diverse stable of movements, most of which are amongst the thinnest in their category. The Master Control Date, for instance, is amongst the thinnest automatics in its price range, with a case that’s just under 9 mm.

Of the duo, the Date is more appealing with its straightforward styling that works well with the slim case. There are no shortage of Jaeger-LeCoultre replica watches china with blue dials, but few have the casual elegance found here – the blue dial featuring Arabic numerals for the quarters leaves it feeling effortlessly sharp.

The date pointer makes a novel, 90-degree jump from “15” to “16” every month, so that the date pointer never stops over the small seconds or moon phase, a feature not found on the previous model.