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Omega Seamaster Replica Watches
Omega Seamaster Replica Watches

When the OMEGA Speedmaster Replica Watches launch in 1957 , no one thought it would accompany a series of space pioneers to the moon. The astronauts aboard the mercury spacecraft are wearing their watches. Some of the OMEGA Speedmaster Replica Watches.
The first manned space flight mission in the United States began in October 7, 1958. In May 25, 1961, President Kennedy urged the country to land a man on the moon and return to earth ten years ago. In order to pursue this goal, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced a plan in December this year, to extend the Project Mercury to develop one or two man spacecraft. The new program is called gemini.
Astronaut Walter Schirra wearing their GP when he and sigma 7 mercury spacecraft around the earth six times in October 1962 3 days, and the flight lasted nine hours and 15 minutes. The U.S. space agency Nasa decided to let astronauts watch their equipment for the Gemini program and the subsequent part of the Apollo program, so as to visit the moon. The agency commissioned James Regan, NASA’s aerospace engineers and flight hardware experts to write down specifications, test the potential of the watch and buy winning model. Watches must be timed, and issued a formal candidate for the phone. In addition to OMEGA Replica Watches, the other competitors are Longines Replica Watches watches and Rolex, Whinal. All the models are in zero gravity test, extreme pressure changes, and turbulence, and the temperature range from – 18 to + 93 degrees C. Astronauts aboard the Gemini space flight watch was also tested.