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The Longines Replicadesign is faithful to the original design and subtly eliminates date delays and repetitive “automatic” functions. The size is moderate, although a bit thick. The movement is modular, but integrated.

The traditional classic chronograph “Tuxedo” managed to capture most of the elements of the Luxury Replica original watch. The dial is silver and black, and the dark blue speed scale matches the blue steel hand for the chronograph and the second hand.

More importantly, despite the larger refurbished Best Replica Watch and the use of modern movements, the scale of the dial remains correct. The twin registers are the right size and the location is just right.

The Genuine Fake Watch 40mm case is slightly larger than the original 38mm. In terms of shell thickness, the difference is even greater. Although Longines does not provide the height of the case, it may be 12 mm or more. Part of the height drops onto the domed sapphire crystal, which mimics the appearance of the original plexiglass crystal.