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Luxury Breguet Replica, as well as its sister brand Blancpain, has made it a habit toBreguet has the Reine de Naples Cœur 9825 up its sleeve, and it is a surprisingly interesting watch.

The repeated use of hearts throughout the design feels a bit affected – the five-minute markers are all tiny hearts – but the watch remains graceful, with a subtle complication that isn’t immediately apparent.

Genuine Fake Breguet has furthered the idea by streamlining the original concept, creating an elegant yet original time display that is perfect for the ovoid case of the Reine de Naples. The hours are indicated on a disc visible through a small window in the middle of the dial, while the minutes are the task of a heart-shaped hand.

Together they form an outline of a heart – with another tiny heart at its tip – that changes in shape as it travels the dial. The heart hand expands as it travels towards 12 o’clock, and contracts as it goes towards six.

It’s an automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve, and like many contemporary Breguet elegant replica watch calibres, has its hairspring and escape wheel in silicon.