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The new Big Pilot is equipped with a black or blue dial and a bracelet, which can maintain the traditional dial color. Green is not provided, although fashionable colors are found on the Best Pilot’s Replica Watch Chronograph 41 that was released at the same time.

In addition to reducing the size, the new Big Pilot 43 also reduces the design. The date and power reserve indicator have disappeared.

With its minimalist aesthetic style, Luxury Big Pilot 43 Replica is as clear and easy to read as always, and its classic design may stand the test of time.

Expanding the appearance is the oversized tapered crown, which is the icon of the IWC pilot watch and is modeled on the old-fashioned B-uhr “onion” crown.

The smaller case is similar to the case of the large Genuine Fake Big Pilot, with a satin-finished and polished finish.