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The magic happens when one of the most needed sports watches in the world is equipped with a delicate and complex movement. Once launched, it took the famous Gerald Genta design to a new level, because it was never equipped with a perpetual calendar movement. It can be seen as a combination of the best of both worlds in many ways: the iconic appearance of Nautilus and one of Patek Philippe’s complex movements.

The design of Luxury Replica Ref. 5740/1G can still be immediately recognized as Nautilus, mainly because Patek Philippe integrates the small dial of the perpetual calendar on the familiar dial in a symmetrical manner without changing the shape of the case or bracelet.

For Nautilus, this is a sports watch that must have a strong visual impact and does not look like a complicated wearable watch, so it is essential. For this reason, choosing a blue dial is another clever way to avoid this situation.

Genuine Fake Patek Philippe chose a white gold case and bracelet because of such an exquisite movement. In this way, the watch can maintain the appearance of its white metal sports watch, but its material is more in line with its precious nature.

It is composed of 275 parts, and the height is only 3.88 mm, which is very slim. It is powered by a miniature rotor made of 22 carat gold to make it wind as much as possible. The movement and its superb craftsmanship can also be admired through the Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica sapphire back cover, making it not only one of the most popular sports watches, but also an internal and external choice.