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“I saw a piece of material from Sichuan,” said Premier Chou En-lai, at the literary and art symposium and feature film creation meeting in 1961. “One of the comrades replied: ‘I do not want to be considered old, how much do you like? You do not like the old man?

From the end of 2015 Li Yi Feng endorsement of Tiger TAG Heuer, a small number of people began to feel bad. “Before Chen Daoming how good, why find Li Yi Feng!” “Li Yi Feng endorsement, good vulgar ah, I decided not to buy TAG Heuer.” After these online remarks, Tiger TAG Heuer Shanghai Hong Kong Hang Hang Plaza spokesman on the day of the meeting, in the Yi Yi Feng was away from the fans were away from the scene soon after leaving the store in the atrium of the new concept store Tiger TAG Heuer immediately sold two Block Li Yi Feng has just demonstrated the Calella series of watches.

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Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH Group Watch & Watch, said at the scene: “Li Yifeng’s influence in the Greater China region after 90 extraordinary, his success flaunted the vitality of young forces, and infinite possibilities. First of all, Tiger TAG Heuer brand positioning is to meet the young high-end consumer services; Secondly, Li Yifeng’s influence in the young people in a large, most of the young people like he. You feel dissatisfied Li Yi Feng, can only say that you are not young, and then you or that small part of Li Yifeng do not like the young people, the brand does not care for you.

And Tiger TAG Heuer’s spokesperson Chen Daoming, an interview with an article on his interview, he talked about such a young man so occupied the market, he has felt strange. On the young groups feel strange, and how this endorsement? With the main theme of Tiger TAG Heuer has already run counter to the already.

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In the 1990s, the young American actor Mark? Marker and the same young British supermodel Kate Moss (Kate Moss) in the 1990s, the young American actor Mark? Has been together for the US underwear brand CK shooting underwear advertising, controversial but classic, publicity effect is obvious.

The face of different regional markets and different characteristics of the consumer groups, luxury brands will always make a different choice. In Europe and the United States market, spending power and luxury goods have enough appreciation of the middle-aged and the elderly, is still the most important luxury brand consumer groups. China’s middle-aged and old people, experienced poverty, has long been accustomed to thrift, buy luxury goods is usually for the purpose of giving gifts for their own use. Luxury brands in China to seize the group, those born in the rich era of the new generation of consumers.

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And China’s new generation of consumer preferences, consumer habits and even access to information and the older generation is very different. Which makes a strong fan base inland “small fresh meat” who, because of the frequent exposure and topic, more luxury brands to rush. Both Li Yi Feng, Wu Yifan endorsement of the Bulgari watch; Lu Han endorsement of the Cartier jewelry; Zhang Yixing also recently with the United States and Paris elegant series of watches together.

Have to say that the same is the female-based fan groups, “small fresh meat” because of the high degree of active interaction, fans age span than mature male stars are wider, many mother groups are also like. So frequent exposure and can actually guide the consumption, most people are happy to see, why the brand can not invite people to speak it?