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A Replica Watch bezel is the ring that frames and helps secure the watch crystal. Bezels can be functional for activities like diving or for timing a race. They can also be purely decorative and simply add a bit of texture or flair to your timepiece. The bezel is a relatively simple tool once you know how to use it. However, bezel scales can look fairly complex and intimidating at first glance.

A countdown bezel typically features a graduated 60-minute scale that reads counterclockwise or that “counts down” from 60 to zero. This allows the Luxury Replica Watches wearer to measure the time remaining in an event, such as a race. Countdown bezels are usually bidirectional. As a result, you’ll most often find them on pilot watches or military watches as opposed to dive watches.

A GMT or dual time bezel allows you to read the time in multiple time zones. The Genuine Fake Watches bezel features a twenty-four-hour track and zero marker, typically in the shape of a triangle, similar to the count-up. In addition, the watch itself comes equipped with a fourth, twenty-four-hour or GMT hand. To operate a GMT bezel, simply turn the bezel until the zero marker lines up with the twelve-o’clock position.

A tachymeter is another common type of bezel. It allows you to measure the speed based on the amount of time traveled at a given distance.The first watch to feature a tachymeter scale on the bezel instead of the dial was none other than the Omega Speedmaster Best Replica Watches.