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The first generation of Autavia is the highest value of Tiger watches. The valuation of more than 50 million yuan has
reached the level of Rolex Paul Newman. In the watch industry, the secondary market price can reach this number of steel
chronograph without a few. The first generation of Autavia is known as “Big Subs” by foreign means. Because the first
generation of Autavia timing disk is very large, then the purpose is to make the timing disk bigger, so that people can
watch the table is very clear. The first generation of Autavia has two versions, one for three timers, one for two timers.
Another important feature of the first generation of Autavia is that the pointer is painted with luminous material (the
pointer is completely wrapped in luminous material). At present, the highest value of Autoa is the “use of the first
generation dial, the second generation of the pointer” version, the second generation of the edge of the pointer no luminous
layer, and the first generation to form a distinction.

Although the second generation of Autavia is not low value, but compared to the first generation is not a level. The second
generation of Autavia has undergone some changes. The biggest change is that the size of the “Big Subs” is reduced to the
normal size (which also reduces the recognition and character of the watch, so it has an impact on the value). The pointer
is no longer completely wrapped in luminous material, but become a normal luminous too concubine needle. Disk time scale
from the first generation of the whole luminous material time scale into a combination of metal bars plus luminous dots.
From all aspects, the second generation of “Autavia” from the first generation of maverick has become conventional.

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The third generation of Autavia’s changes focused on the bezel, pointer, time scale. The third generation of Autavia’s bezel
narrowed; the pointer was replaced by a rod-shaped pointer; the time scale from the second generation of the dots luminous
plus the metal strips, turned directly into the end of the metal strip to add luminous material. From the above I give you
the price of the transaction can be seen, the second and third generation of the price is almost all in the 200,000 yuan up
and down. From the perspective of the secondary market steel chronograph, this price is less than the first generation of
500,000, but already high

The first three generations of Autavia used valjoux 72 manual winding movement, Rolex Paul Newman also used this movement.
Most players can not run to buy antique table, but no relationship, Tiger TAG Heuer engraved this year Autavia. At the same
time this thing is very interesting.

About two years ago, there was a thing. Because Autavia has not been re-launched, Tiger Hawge wants to re-engulfed the
watch. But because Autavia version too much, Tiger TAG Heuer also undoubtedly want to re-engraved which version. So to
engage in a vote, so that players to vote to vote for which watch, engraved watch will be listed this year. The limit is
that the watch from the early 60’s model, can not be 70’s abalone shell version; re-engraved after the new table is a modern
size, not the original 39 mm. After that, we all vote online, there are more than 50,000 people vote, and finally by voting
to select the re-engraved object is the following watch.

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The 2017 version of Autavia is based on the history of the second generation of Autavia as a prototype. After the re-
engraved second-generation Autavia size increased to 42 mm, we can see that the watch looks exactly the same as the second-
generation Autavia. Completely inherited the original features. Rod-shaped pointer, three-time time disk, metal bar when the
standard, the end of the mark with luminous material, two-way rotating bezel, HEUER (no TAG) logo. Watch the main changes in
the movement. The early movement of the Autavia and Rolex Ditenau Paul Newman are the same as the valjoux 72 manual
chronograph movement. 2017 version of the use of the new Tiger Heaer Heuer 02 automatic chronograph movement. Heuer 02 power
storage for 80 hours, power more than 3 days, the use of cylindrical wheel, vertical clutch, wobble frequency 28800 times /
hour, the movement consists of 233 parts.