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Present and future of the Santos de Cartier

Last year Cartier launched a fully renewed collection and introduced a new design language along with some new cool features. The Cheap Santos de Cartier Watch is more wearable, far more customizable and technically refined than ever before but not entirely in keeping with the original Santos, in my humble opinion.

A two-button chronograph that looks like a single push-piece chronograph

I always liked the Santos 100 XL Chronograph Replica Watches sale from an aesthetic point of view, extra-large size included, rather than from a technical standpoint, whereas when it comes to the new Santos De Cartier Chronograph is the other way round.

There’s no doubt the new Santos de Cartier Chronograph thicks all the boxes regarding technical refinement, it’s geared towards the purists of the chronograph and has been designed to mimic the look and feel of the time-only version.

However, the dial looks a bit weird to me. The Cartier replica watches for sale near me designers have modified the manufacture caliber 1904–CH MC to power what seems, at first sight, a mono-pusher chronograph: the button placed on the left side of the case starts and stops the Chrono hand, while the crown resets the counter with simple pressure. Brilliant.

Technically refined, but aesthetically controversial?

When the new collection was released last year, it became clear that Cartier Replica Store intended to make a clean break with the past: the iconic rectangular bezel had been re-shaped, the Quick Switch device adopted along with a new system to easily remove links from the bracelet. The end result is that the new Santos is today regarded to as the easiest-to-customize luxury watch on the market.

A lost opportunity or a step forward?

Cartier has reaffirmed, with the new Santos de Cartier Chronograph Replica Buy Now, that the Santos de Cartier is the most modern interpretation of the Santos so far whereas, by unveiling the latest Santos Dumont, has added a collection that is a direct nod to the original Santos.

Thoughts and availability

Additionally, Cartier Replica Watches For Sale has not yet launched a full steel version, which sooner or later will be added to the offering in my opinion and I’m more than curious to find out if they’re making a Chronograph with a blue dial as they did already with the Santos Automatic later last year. That would certainly help me step through and buy one.