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Speaking of wanting to write this bronze watch, is really by chance, watching a few days ago Fu Yi Si watch at the Hong Kong auction, saw a few very “special” table, their dial after years of oxidation A “discoloration” took place, adding a very distinctive personality to the watch. Due to oxidation discoloration? Really interesting, this phenomenon is very common in the watch, it seems that everything will be oxidized, in simple terms a bit rusty. A table, of course, the most closely related to the wearer’s case is the material of the case, the watch’s material, a normal metal material, and then a little advanced ceramic, carbon fiber and the like, but playing table to a certain level, these materials Watch does not make the old iron watch friends interested in what they seek more interaction with the watch, for example, to create a unique watch, to meet the requirements of this type of senior watch fans is the bronze table.

Of bronze watches, of course, from the bronze said, when I know nothing about the bronze watch, when it comes to bronze, I can think of ancient Chinese bronze, like the four sheep square statue, Venerable plate, are an important symbol of human history and civilization. Bronze is a lead, copper, tin three elements of the alloy, because the color of gray, hence the name of bronze, its melting point between 700-900 ℃, lower than the melting point of copper, bronze 10% of the bronze hardness of copper 4.7 times, good performance. Because bronze alloys are twice as hard as pure copper or tin and are hard and corrosion resistant, they are ideal for use in nautical or outdoor public facilities. Around 1845, bronze was widely used in railway construction, bridges and buildings. Early sailing period, there is no stainless steel, bronze with excellent corrosion resistance has become the first choice of shipbuilding materials, so many people talk about the bronze can think of the ocean.

If bronze is just a material for making things, it is not inferior to other common materials, and its magic lies in varying degrees of change with time, air, environment, temperature and living habits, etc., Easy to be oxidized, in the course of the process will be dyed with a touch of green, the color will continue to deepen, so watchcase made of bronze case due to oxidation will become unique, once this is a disadvantage, but was eventually Some ideas have become a selling point. But so far the bronze material has not been widely used in the watch, only a handful of brands launched the bronze watch. Such material properties cause the clock player to like the bronze watch presents a polarization, it may also be caused by bronze watch can only be summarized in the niche market one of the reasons.

Bronze watches first appeared in about 1870, because they are more affordable than gold watches, so the price so that ordinary people can afford to wear the table. The popularity of bronze watches in recent years can be seen, regardless of brand size, have introduced bronze watch. Due to the oxidative discoloration of bronze, each bronze watch can produce a unique color and vitality, and each person’s wearing habits and environments are different, so many years later it shows what it is all about. Some people may wear for decades, after careful maintenance, or as clean as new, but some people wear a rust or two for a year or two no longer care. To put it plainly, the bronze watch will eventually show what style, depending on how the owner to raise it. The charm of the bronze watch is that the wearer will always see it differently at different times of day. However, the bronze watch bottom cover will not be made of copper, because the direct contact with the skin, to avoid the oxide layer to get the wearer’s skin allergic reactions, but also easy to dirty, so the bottom cover is basically made of steel or titanium Made of metal.

The first brand to do bronze watches is Jerozon, the design giants Gerald Genta masters introduced in 1988 the first Gefica watch made of bronze was a topic, but at the time did not form a wave in the brand was After entering Bulgari, the Gefica Safari series, also reinterpreted in bronze, was introduced in 2007 and this particular material began to receive a little more attention. Gefica’s design is inspired by the African safaris of Geoffroy, Fissore and Canali and named after the first two letters of the three surname Gefica.