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On the evening of August 25, 2017, hublot was joined by the boxing ring, holding exclusive events and ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the official opening of the shopping center boutique in caesars palace. In honor of the new shop opening, celebrate the brand with “the undefeated champion” Floyd mayweather partnerships, new watch table series of Las Vegas special edition of set limit to watch the big bang.

The new storefront features a unique golden theme and a VIP lounge and bar, which
is the exclusive feature of the shopping central boutique. Beyond that, the ceiling is decorated with iconic sky designs, and legendary arcades are known for their use. The store displays a variety of rare and limited timepieces, including the new big bang series, the special edition of the Las Vegas special edition limited wristwatch.

That watch table, chief executive of Ricardo Guadalupe share a way: “I’m glad to return to the beauty of Las Vegas, open a new boutique in Caesar’s palace, together with Mr Wei in this great city open big weekend. Las Vegas has been the important market watch list, we hope that by creating unique exclusive watches, pay tribute to the partnership, at the same time let the brand customers and friends of the brand as the “battle of the century” excited.”

Series of Las Vegas special edition of set limit to watch the big bang all adopt the watch list “all black” theme, bezel set with different cutting diamonds, diamond dial decoration Mosaic “lucky number seven, the bottom of the table is inscribed” the Fabulous Las Vegas “Las Vegas (beautiful). The new wristwatch, which has a black crocodile Hornback strap and a black rubber lining, will be a must-see for luxury living in Las Vegas.